10 October 2011- 31 December 2014
'Oramics: Atlantis Anew' film on display at the Science Museum, London
An excerpt can be seen online on the Wire Magazine website: thewire.co.uk

27 June – 14 September 2014
‘Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of Knowing’, Group exhibition Hayward Touring exhibition in association with Cabinet Magazine, curated by Brian Dillon
De Appel, Amsterdam

22 September 2014
‘Transform: Lis Rhodes and Aura Satz’, Screenings and conversation at Tate Britain

14 October 2014 -5 January 2015
‘Mirror City: London artists on fiction and reality’, Group exhibition at Hayward Gallery curated by Stephanie Rosenthal

22 October- 21 November 2014
'Chromatic Aberration’, Solo show at the Gallery, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

31 October 2014 – 11 January 2015
'They Used to Call it the Moon', Baltic, group exhibition curated by Alessandro Vincintelli

15 Nov 2014 - 9 January 2015
‘Dial Tone Drone’, New sound Commission for Telephone, outside Royal Academy London, featuring Pauline Oliveros and Laurie Spiegel

15th Nov - Launch performance with Elaine Mitchener and Jennifer Walshe at Hayward Gallery

24 January – 26 April 2015
‘Eyelids Leaking Light', Solo show at George Eastman Museum, Rochester, New York

24 September - 14 October 2015
'Onomatopoeic Alphabet' screening as part of Performance, Architecture, Materials, Sweden curated by Marianne Mulvey

7-18 October 2015
'Chromatic Aberration' Screening as part of FNC Lab Competition at the 44th Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montreal, Canada

16 October 2015
'Chromatic Aberration' Screening as part of the 59th BFI London Film Festival BFI Southbank, NFT3, London

27 October - 1 November 2015
'Chromatic Aberration' Screening as part of the Fascinations Competition at the 19th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Jihlava, Czech Republic

12-17 November 2015
'Chromatic Aberration' Screening as part of the International Competition at the 17th International Film Festival Bratislava, Slovakia

3 December 2015 – 23 January 2016
'The Trembling Line', Solo show at John Hansard Gallery, Southampton

16 January – 20 March 2016
'Her Marks, a Measure', Solo Show at Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, Texas

27 Jan- 7 Feb
'Between the Bullet and the Hole’, European premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam

18 Feb 2016
UK premiere of ‘Between the Bullet and the Hole’, alongside other films at Whitechapel Gallery, London
Followed by discussion with Morgan Quaintance and David Alan Grier

18 March - 6 June 2016
'The future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed,' The Sydney Biennale, curated by Stephanie Rosenthal

26 June 2016
Premiere of short film about Laurie Spiegel as part of 'Deep Minimalism' festival curated by Oliver Coates, Southbank Centre

1 October 2016
'Her Marks, a Measure' solo show at Fridman Gallery, New York
Exhibition opening and catalogue launch, with newly commissioned essays by Justine Ludwig, Erika Balsom and Omar Khalif Artist in conversation with Justine Ludwig 1st of Oct 5pm (addition film screenings 26th Oct and 2nd Nov 7pm)

3 October 2016
Screening of ‘In and Out of Synch’ Flaherty NYC, curated by Genevieve Yue and Chris Stults, Anthology Film Archives, New York

5-28 October 2016
'Eyelids Leaking Light', Solo show at Clifford Gallery and artist's talk at Hamilton NY

21-31 July 2016
'Between the Bullet and the Hole' shortlisted for the EUROPEAN SHORTS Competition, New Horizons International Film Festival, Wroclaw, Poland

5-16 October 2016
'Little Doorways to Paths Not Yet Taken' shortlisted for Nouvaux Alchemistes, 45th Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal

9 October 2016
'Between the Bullet and the Hole' screening as part of Experimenta, London Film Festival, BFI

28-29 October
'Kepler's Trial' An Opera by Tim Watts based on Ulinka Rublack's book 'The Astronomer & the Witch', with film elements by Aura Satz Premieres at St John's College, Cambridge

2 November 2016
'Little Doorways to Paths Not Yet Taken screening at the Showroom, London

10-20 November 2016
'Where there is Sea, there are Pirates / The Imagination is a Political Act', group exhibition at 3137 gallery, Athens

13 April - 27 August 2017
'As Above, So below: Portals, Visions, Spirits & Mystics', group exhibition at IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art), Dublin

29 May 2017 - 11 March 2018
'Open Space 2017: Re-envisioning the Future', group exhibition at NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC), Tokyo

29 September 2017 - 14 January 2018
'STARS', Group exhibition at Lentos Museum, Linz

12–15 Oct 2017
'Field Studies 2017: Listening after Pauline Oliveros’, Leeds, various venues

9 Nov 2017, 18.30 – 22.00
'Kepler's Trial’ at V&A, London
An Opera by Tim Watts based on Ulinka Rublack's book 'The Astronomer & the Witch’, with film elements by Aura Satz

30 Nov 2017, 7pm
'The Wail that was Warning and the Institute of Signal and Noise', Aura Satz and David Toop, London Review Bookshop, London

24 Jan - 4 Feb 2018
'Entangled Nightvisions' world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam,

28-29 April 2018
Binaural version of 'The Trembling Line' installed as part of F(T) festival, hosted at Radialsystem V, Berlin

3-7 May 2018
'Entangled Nightvisions' screening at Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Hawick, Scotland

7-10 June 2018
'Entangled Nightvisions' screening at CROSSROADS, San Francisco Cinematheque and SFMOMA, San Francisco

20 - 22 July 2018, Opening on July 19 at 6pm
'The Surface of the Sun', Group show at Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Tallin

29 Sep - 08 March 2019
'Mappe Sonore', Micol Assael, Christina Kubisch and Aura Satz, Three-person exhibition at KunstRaum Goethe-Institut, Rome

8 Oct 2018 - 2 Jan 19
'Machines of Loving Grace', Nat Castañeda, Aura Satz and Erica Scourti, Three-person exhibition at High Line Art, New York

3-14 October 2018 'Entangled Nightvisions' shortlisted for Les Nouveaux Alchimistes competition at Montreal Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC), Montreal

7 Nov - 21 Dec 2018
'Listen, Recalibrate', Solo show at Fridman Gallery, New York
Exhibition catalogue with essays by Christoph Cox, David Crowley and Barbara London

3 Nov 2018
In conversation with Christoph Cox at the Kitchen, NY, now online via Artforum

9 Nov 2018
Performance as part of 'Nature as Data' exhibition, Jing'an Sculpture Park, Shanghai

18 - 26 January 2019 'Preemptive Listening' shown as part of the Sharjah Film Platform, Sharjah

24 Jan - 3 Feb 2019
'Blackout', group exhibition at Kunsthal Rotterdam (touring to Ambika P3, London; GreyLight Projects, Brussels)

Wed 23 Jan 2019
Slow Looking at Art, broadcast on BBC radio 3s 'Free Thinking' Ways of
Seeing with artists Michael Craig-Martin & Aura Satz, scientist Daniel Glaser and art writer Kelly Grovier.

8th March 2019
To coincide with International Women's day, Jo Hutton and Louise Gray are
joined by Fari Bradley, Aura Satz and Beatriz Ferreyra discussing women’s
place in the history of electroacoustic music, Resonance FM

27th March 2019
Artist's film screening followed by talk at Kask cinema, Ghent

1-31st May 2019
'Dial Tone Drone', solo show at Auditorium Roma - Sound Corner, presented by Valentina Ravaglia
Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome

22nd May 2019, 6pm
'Siren Voices with Aura Satz : Rewiring Memories of Technology', in conversation with Marina Warner
Birkbeck Artsweek

6 June – 26 August 2019
‘Dark Matter: 95% of the Universe is Missing’, group show, Science Gallery, London

7–9 June 'Crossroads', San Francisco Cinematheque, SFMOMA, San Francisco

June -Sep 2019
'Fire: Flashes to Ashes in British Art 1692-2019', Group exhibition at Royal West of England Academy, Bristol (with catalogue)

6 July
'Telling Invents Told' in conversation with Lis Rhodes, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham

23-25 Aug Mini retrospective screening at Jupiter Rising at JupiterArtland, Scotland

19-22 Sep 'Preemptive Listening' Exhibition and artist talk, Berwick Film and Media festival, Berwick upon tweed

9-20 Oct 'Preemptive Listening' shortlisted for Nouveaux Alchemistes prize, Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal

8 Nov 'Unexpected Views' at National Gallery, London

3-9 Dec 'Preemptive Listening' shortlisted for Alteraciones prize, 31º Aguilar Film Festival, Palencia

7 Dec 'Resonant Frequencies' performance at Goldsmiths, organised by David Roberts Art Foundation, London

22 Jan-3 Feb 2020 'Making a Diagonal with Music', world premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam

5-19 Feb 2020 'Making a Diagonal with Music', US premiere at Doc Fortnight at MoMA, NY

4 May - 21 June 2020, 'All at Once' online group show curated by Regine Basha, Fridman Gallery, NY

13-18 May 2020 'Making a Diagonal with Music' shortlisted for competition at Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen

31 May 2020 'Instructions for Living a Life' Podcast for Block Universe by Sarah Shin & M.J. Harding w/ Claire-Louise Bennett, Field Recordings, Bhanu Kapil, Nisha
Ramayya, Tabita Rezaire, Himali Singh Soin, and Aura Satz.

26 June - 2020 'Art in the Age of Anxiety', group show at Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah, curated by Omar Kholeif

10 July -1 August 2020 'Euphonia', online group show curated by Diana Policarpo, Hangar, Lisbon.

14 July 2020 DRAF (David Roberts Arts Foundation) Podcast: Ned McDonell in conversation with Anne Hardy and Aura Satz

1-14 August 2020 'Making a Diagonal with Music' shortlisted for EX-now competition, EXis Experimental Film and Video Festival, Seoul

11 August - 25 October 2020 'INVISIBLE' exhibition touring to Science Gallery Dublin

19-25 August 2020 'Preemptive Listening' screening at MIEFF (Moscow International Experimental Film Festival), Garage, Moscow

25 August - 8 Sep 2020 'Making a Diagonal with Music' shortlisted for Indiemusic competition, IndieLisboa International Film Festival, Lisbon

11 Sep 2020, online premiere of 'Tone Transmissions, 2020, telephone sound composition with Eliane Radigue, Julia Eckhardt and Rhodri Davies, featured on the Science Museum website as part of 'The Exchange' an online exhibition
https://crossedlines.co.uk/tone-transmissions/ https://blog.sciencemuseum.org.uk/the-exchange/

22-25 October 2020, 'Making a Diagonal with Music' screening as part of She Makes Noise festival, La Casa Encendida, Madrid

25 November 2020 Sound Art: A Conversation with Aura Satz, at CRASSH, Cambridge University

17-30 Dec 2020 In Process online screening of works by (((arc))) and Sophia Wang / Paul DeMarinis / Aura Satz, curated by Tanya Zimbardo and Diego Villalobos

24 Feb - 1 March 2021 Visiting artist in residence, School of Arts Institute of Chicago, including artist talks and film screenings

21 April - 2 May 2021 'Preemptive Listening' as part of CPH: Forum, Copenhagen

9th June - 24 July 2021 (and touring into 2024) 'Seeing Sound' ICI group show curated by Barbara London, Kadist San Francisco
7th April Artist talk in conversation with Barbara London


1st June 2021 Online sound commission for 'Sonic Continuum' with music by Evelyn Glennie, Nottingham Contemporary

2nd July 2021 Interview with Luke Fowler for EIP (Everything is Permitted), Clyde Built Radio

10 July 2021, 'The Grief Interval', new commission with music by Sarah Davachi for Abandon Normal Devices/AND Festival commission, Liverpool

9 Sep - 31 Oct 2021 'FIGURE/S: drawing after Bellmer', group show at the Drawing Room, London

15 Sep - 28 Nov 2021 'Aboard my floating house' 10e Triennale d’art contemporain, le Centre culturel d’Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Artist page on the website of The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music: thewire.co.uk to accompany the cross-platform feature on my work in the September 2010 issue:
An excerpt of the filmic installation 'Sound Seam' thewire.co.uk
An excerpt of 'Automamusic' thewire.co.uk
An excerpt of 'Oramics: Atlantis Anew', thewire.co.uk
An excerpt of 'Vocal Flame', thewire.co.uk
Short film on the Theremin virtuosa Lydia Kavina, thewire.co.uk
Listen to an excerpt of 'Dial Tone Drone' on thewire.co.uk
Excerpt of 'The Trembling Line' on thewire.co.uk

Huffington Post commissioned blog huffingtonpost.co.uk
Interview on the Creators Project website thecreatorsproject.com
Artist's profile in Diva Magazine divamag.co.uk
Frieze magazine focus article frieze.com
Interview on the Ear Room website: earroom.com
Animate projects interview: apengine.org
'Colour Opponent Process’ review in This Is Tomorrow
‘Colour Opponent Process’ review in Art Agenda
‘Colour Opponent Process’ review in Photomonitor
'Inside the Dial Tone-Inspired Sound Art Exhibits of Aura Satz', The Creator's Project
'1000 words: Aura Satz' in Artforum
'The Playlist', The Guardian
'500 words' in Artforum
Interview in Studio International
Cover Image for 'Parallax (Sounding/Thinking)', Vol 23, No 3
'Listen, Recalibrate' review in Art Agenda
'Listen, Recalibrate review in Artforum

Aura Satz: Preemptive Listening (Part 1: The Fork in the Road)

Preemptive Listening (Part 1: The Fork in the Road)

A short 16mm film


Aura Satz, 'Preemptive Listening (part 1: The Fork in the Road)', film still, 2018

'Preemptive Listening (part 1: The Fork in the Road)'

'Preemptive Listening (part 1: The Fork in the Road)' is a short 16mm film which serves as part 1 of a larger research project on sonic obedience and disobedience through the trope of the siren. It posits the siren's loud glissando wail as a conditioned and learned signal, one that can potentially be perceptually and musically rewired. For this first chapter of the project, Lebanese trumpet improviser Mazen Kerbaj has composed a new siren sound using circular breathing, alongside the actor and activist Khalid Abdalla's account of the siren as the emblematic sound of resistance, oppression, and lost futures during the Arab Spring. Shot on 16mm, the film is literally driven by its soundtrack, as the voice becomes a beacon, activating emergency rotating lights.



Featuring the voice of Khalid Abdallah
Mazen Kerbaj on the trumpet
Sound to light device fabricated by Mike Blow.
DOP James Holcombe.
Sound Design Gernot Fuhrmann.
Funded by the Royal College of Art.
With support-in-kind from Kodak.


siren light 16mm film

Aura Satz, 'Preemptive Listening (part 1: The Fork in the Road)', film still, 2018


7 Nov-21 Dec 2018
'Listen, Recalibrate'
Solo show at Fridman Gallery, New York

Exhibition catalogue with essays by Christoph Cox, David Crowley, Barbara London, and Aura Satz in conversation with David Toop.


19-22 Sep 2019
'Preemptive Listening', film and sound installation
Gunpowder Magazine, Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival, Berwick upon Tweed

An expanded version of the 16mm short film featuring the voice of Khalid Abdalla and the trumpet by Mazen Kerbaj, this iteration installed in an old Gunpowder Magazine, embeds further sound elements from the project. Including Elaine Mitchener (voice), Laurie Spiegel (electronica), Anton Lukoszevieze (cello), Maja Ratkje (voice), Nick Hallett (voice and electronica), Rhodri Davies (harp), and Steve Goodman (electronica).


4 May - 21 June 2020
'All at Once' online group show curated by Regine Basha, Fridman Gallery, NY.

Including McArthur Binion, Yen Yen Chou, Julian Day, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Tamar Ettun, Phylicia Ghee, Milford Graves, Jacob Kirkegaard + Katinka Fogh Vindelev, Nate Lewis, Julie Mehretu, Ana Prvacki, Public Assembly, Birgit Rathsmann, Aura Satz, Eric Schnell, Cauleen Smith.

The gallery's first online-only exhibition comes on the unusual occasion of new social distancing practices amidst a global pandemic. What has become most evident given the current Covid-19 crisis, is that we, as a human race, are undeniably all connected. Of course, the advent of the internet first excited this awareness of connectivity and we have been enjoying all kinds of points of contact, through shared interests and desires, as well as through consumer-driven synergy (albeit the connectivity still remains class- and race-based to some extent). More recently, greater awareness of the climate crisis has triggered another wave of global awakening about our species' shared responsibility to the planet's well-being. But most effective, so far, is this new level of climate emergency - this very "visceral" connection we are experiencing through invisible "respiratory droplets" that float between us, person-to-person, throughout the planet. People are now aware, more than ever, that touching one person means touching billions. This phenomena is a blunt reminder that there is such a thing as collective sickness and collective fear, but also, as we have seen, collective hope and collective resilience. Is collective psychic healing likely to follow? If bodies can be connected so instantly, could our consciousness be connected as well? A plethora of philosophers, artists, scientists, psychoanalysts, astrophysicists, shamans, writers, poets and mystics have been, over the past several decades, proposing and debating the recognition of "consciousness". Guru-like pop figures have emerged in recent years in the West, like Eckhart Tolle, David Lynch, Russell Brand, Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra, who speak of 'Consciousness' as a vast singular source we are all able to tap into. In Carl Jung's 'collective unconscious' we are connected through a shared taxonomy of archetypes. Could we, as they suggest, be facing the very beginning of our final stage of evolution? Consider the works selected as a curated 'image bank' bringing images, video and sound relating to this meandering rumination about consciousness, collective consciousness, shared psychic trauma and speculative healing.




18-26 January 2019

Screened as part of the Sharjah Film Platform, Sharjah




22nd May 2019
'Siren Voices with Aura Satz: Rewiring Memories of Technology', in conversation with Marina Warner, Birkbeck Artsweek


7–9 June 2019
'Crossroads', San Francisco Cinematheque, SFMOMA, San Francisco


19 Sep 2019
'Preemptive Listening', screening and illustrated talk
Gunpowder Magazine, Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival, Berwick upon Tweed


9-20 October 2019
Shortlisted for 'Les Nouveaux Alchemistes' prize, Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal


3-9 Dec 2019
Shortlisted for 'Alteraciones' prize, Aguilar Film Festival, Palencia



19-25 August 2020

Screening at MIEFF (Moscow International Experimental Film Festival), Garage, Moscow

Screening as part of Fireworks, programmed by Dmitry Frolov.




Live Performances

7 Dec
'Preemptive Listening (Live)' performance as part of 'Resonant Frequencies' summit at Goldsmiths College, curated by David Roberts Art Foundation, London

Preemptive Listening (Live) proposes a speculative re-imagining of emergency signals. Sirens are recomposed through voice, electronica, chirps, whistles and bells, a trumpet, a harp, a cello, cracking bamboo, infinitely rising tones and more—from loud and defiant to low, mournful or nearly imperceptible. Featuring sounds by Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet); Khalid Abdalla (spoken word); Rhodri Davies (harp); Maja Ratkje (voice, bells); Laurie Spiegel (Manatees or Sirenia, a dog, cicadas, electronica); Anton Lukoszevieze (cello); Nick Hallett (voice, electronica); Steve Goodman aka Kode 9 (Shepard Tone electronica); Elaine Mitchener (voice, whistles).

Engulfed in alarm fatigue, exhausted by the ever-rising cacophony, we have internalised the siren. This vocalisation of the state is in us before we even hear it. Emergency recalibration is urgent. These new sirens sounds are an antidote to Preemptive Listening. Speculate alternative sounds for alternative relationships to power, re-tuning how power instrumentalises emergency. Like an instructional score, we set the intention for our mode of reception. Listen without yet knowing who is foreground signal, background noise, which voice is warning, beacon, map. New sounds not only scored to immediacy, but signals set to a longer temporal frame, to slow and systemic violence, sounding the alarm for the inaudible, the remote, the unimaginable beyond this lifetime.

DRAF has hosted a 6-day workshop programme, spread across multiple sessions, for artists Ain Bailey, Benedict Drew, Anne Hardy, Tom Richards, Aura Satz and Imogen Stidworthy, selected due to the ways in which they work with sound as their primary or supporting medium of production. The programme offers the artists the opportunity to collaborate and develop their practice enriched by guest speakers and sessions for experimentation. The initial two days took place at Wysing Arts Centre, the first utilising the surrounding landscape with Jez Riley, and the second Wysing’s impressive recording studio with Lottie Poulet. The following days covered practical sessions on improvisation led by Steve Beresford; vocals with Elaine Mitchener; theoretical sessions on binaural spatialisation with Dr Lorenzo Picanali; and aural diversity with Professor John Drever. The final session will be on psychoacoustics with Brigitte Hart.



Other news

Reviewed by Genevieve Yue in Art Agenda http://www.art-agenda.com/reviews/aura-satz%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%9Clisten-recalibrate%E2%80%9D/

Reviewed by Sasha Frere Jones in Artforum https://www.artforum.com/print/reviews/201902/aura-satz-78455

Reviewed by Marius Hrdy in Brooklyn Rail https://brooklynrail.org/2019/11/film/Notes-on-Berwick-Why-this-passion-for-pictures-why-this-passion-for-darkness